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LingPros LLP, short for LingPros (Shenzhen) Translation LLP, is a Shenzhen-based boutique translation house dedicated to delivering premium, hassle-free language services to listed companies, law firms, investment banks and other financial institutions. To help our clients focus on core value creation, we leverage our extensive industry know-how and strong specialty in financial and legal translation to bridge language and cultural barriers. In an effort to keep offering high-standard services in a fast-changing age, we also position ourselves as a learning organization to constantly hone our expertise and refine our workflows with powerful technologies and tools.


We are :-

Our People

Organized under the "Project Partners" mechansim...

...to work with professionals and for professionals

Combining our extensive expertise and experience in the industry, we have rebranded ourselves into a limited partnership, forming a boutique team to serve a broader range of industry players.

We also sincerely invite veteran translators to join us and move to a higher level in the industry ecosystem.

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Email: enquiry@lingpros.com
Tel: (86) 755 8353 3589
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Copyright © 2009-2017 LingPros LLP. All rights reserved.
Email: enquiry@lingpros.com