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We can start from scratch to build a bilingual knowledge base and get warmed up for a totally new territory (such as e-cigarette patents) in just 1 - 2 hours. Although we generally work out of client site, we are experts to decipher the rationale from fragments and minimize the communication time and cost.


HKEx filings (IPO prospectuses, announcements, shareholder circulars, regular reports, ESG reports...)

Investment banking (pre-IPO process, M&As, equity/credit refinancings, principal investment, private equity...)

Asset management, private wealth management, derivatives, stock research reports and commentaries

Full compliance and high-level confidentiality



• Overseas M&As (virtual data room, legal due diligence, overseas regulatory considerations...)

• Contracts and agreements, articles of association, internal management rules, industry regulations and policies

• Interal control and compliance reports, correspondences with regulators and counterparties

• Patents and intellectual property


Corporate Communication

• Speeches, mock Q&As and investor call scripts

• Press releases and newsletters

• Roadshow PPTs



Sales pitching

• Brochures



• Slogans and taglines

• Real estate and tourism marketing materials


Proofreading & Editing

• Thorough vetting, touch-up or soft/fancy styles

• Term consistency, grammar, spelling, figures, names, punctuation, numbering...


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Copyright © 2009-2017 LingPros LLP


Copyright © 2009-2017 LingPros LLP
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